Ground, Sea, Air Shipments & Integrated Logistics

Whether by land, sea or air, every route we design is the result of careful planning and minute attention to detail.


Quick and Safe on the Road

Shipments by Road

INSPED’s ground shipments offer a winning combination of both speed and safety.

Through an extensive and trusted network, we ensure efficient ground transportation over all distances, with a strong focus on on-time delivery and cargo integrity.

Best Practices:
  • Load check: Ensure that goods are loaded safely and correctly.
  • Freight tracking: Using GPS technologies to track the route.
  • Planning and logistics: Choosing the most efficient and safe way.

Global Sea Freight Solutions

Shipments by Sea

INSPED offers overseas transportation solutions to reach worldwide destinations.

This approach is great for large cargoes or goods that do not require urgent delivery, providing an economical and reliable shipping option.

Best Practices:
  • Container selection: Select the most suitable kind of container for the cargo.
  • Route planning: Choose the optimal sea route based on weather conditions and needs

World at your fingertips

Shipments by Air

INSPED’s air shipments are the best solution for those who need speed and the highest level of reliability.

We offer global connections with short transit times, the perfect fit for urgent, high-value goods or for shipments that require timely delivery.

Best Practices:
  • Specific packaging: Use materials and techniques suitable for air transportation.
  • Choice of flights: Prefer direct flights to reduce transit time.
  • Insurance: Consider appropriate insurance coverage for air shipment.

Efficiency and Flexibility for Every Freight Needs

Integrated Logistics

INSPED specializes in customized transportation solutions, offering both groupage services for small lots and full load solutions for larger volumes.

Our goal is to provide a highly efficient and flexible service, adapting to each customer’s specific logistical needs.

Best Practices:
  • Careful processing and packing: To ensure the safety of goods during transportation.
  • Clear labeling: To facilitate handling and delivery.
  • Efficient communication: To maintain open communication with the shipper for any specifications or requirements.

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