As a certified agent in logistics, INSPED operates in the air freight market keeping the highest standards of global compliance and safety.
Our experience and qualification as licensed economic operators allow us to offer highly efficient and optimized solutions, ensuring total customer satisfaction at every stage of the process.

Not just Air Shipments Check out INSPED's other services as well.

Custom Air Shipment Solutions

Customized Solutions

INSPED offers customized solutions for the shipment by air of any type of cargo. We use aircraft of many different capacities to offer competitive rates and tailored services. Our air freight forwarding service, for both imports and exports, is customized to the customer’s specific needs, including customs operations, consolidations and dedicated insurance for each shipment.

Strategic Partnerships for High Quality Services

Global Partnerships for Outstanding Solutions

Through our strategic alliances with qualified air carriers and our network of carriers on every country, INSPED is able to provide the best air freight solutions. Whether it’s consolidated/groupage shipments or full loads, our goal is to ensure customized solutions with competitive pricing and transit times in line with your needs.

Air Freight Forwarding: Fast and Borderless

Door-to-Door and Priority Services

Working with major airlines, we guarantee worldwide air freight for any size, weight and type of goods. For urgent shipments, we offer priority services with reduced transit times, including the ability to arrange home deliveries. To reduce transportation costs, we also offer consolidated service with regular departures from major world airports.

Door-to-Door Competitive Solutions

Shipment by Air: A Full Range of Options

INSPED offers air freight services through an efficient and established international network.
Working with major carriers, we ensure that customer cargo needs are met through a variety of solutions. The flexibility of our shipping options includes pre-arranged connections, consolidation services, and customized solutions based on specific customer needs.

INSPED and the WFN Network

INSPED’s air shipments are enhanced by our membership in the World Freight Network (WFN), a premier network that connects us with all major airports worldwide.
This affiliation allows us to provide extensive coverage and fast responsiveness, ensuring that your goods reach any air destination with maximum efficiency and safety.
Thanks to a network of carefully selected international freight correspondents, we can offer customized shipping and air shipping solutions adaptable to any market need.

Contact us for a custom quote and learn how INSPED's shipping solutions can meet your worldwide logistics needs.


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